"It might be hard to distinguish between music that is angry and music that is determined, but DEMANDS quantifies the latter for me. Vocals are pushed to their absolute limit, and the music sounds like a burly modern re-interpretation of a '00s fastcore interpretation of DC hardcore...you know, bringing the sound back home but making it sound new all over again." - Terminal Escape ... more

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Track Name: Seven Is My Name
Take your word, but what is it worth?
Owe me one? What is it worth?
Handed things you didn't deserve
Right time, right place, what have you earned?

From the front to the back
Now a matter of fact

It might be small / I'll take a shot for us all
Your last close call / Fall
Running out of time / Neck is on the line
Spent someone else's dime / Out of time
Track Name: Turn It Off
Come in close, but that's close enough
Show me the light and turn it off
I act in ways that you don't want to see
But if you can cut me off, then you can watch me bleed

Cheers to you! As my long nights came
Tell me you're different, but treat me the same

Cut it close, but you've seen enough
You'll get what you want, and I'll be tough
Aren't you sad? But still do as you please
Leave me dry as a stone for the next one to squeeze

Cheers to you! For me no one came
Tell me you're different, to treat me the same
But I can't say you're to blame
Many have done the same
Track Name: Revision
No One Rules, but there weren't enough rules for you
I guess you never heard you Can't Tell No One what to do
Who's to blame? There's enough to go around
I'll sink to the bottom just to push you further down

My new religion is instinct / We'll be the dead's afterlife
Bring me to the gates of heaven / I'll be judged at the end of a knife

Champion of evolution, blasphemer of genes
Selection doesn't work if it hasn't got the means
Life has gotten harder, this is just a taste
Survival of the fittest come to wash away the waste

New morality: No one has a voice
New equality: No one has a choice
No affinity to follow what you say
New divinity: And I won't speak your name
Track Name: Overcompensate; Underestimate
Now the time is up, you don't know when to stop
Know my temper's hot, and I live to take my shots
You've never played rough, and soon you'll have enough
Why would I be discrete? In the belly of the beast?

You may act like / You've earned your right / But not in my sight
Tempers wear down / Hearing the sound / Put two feet on the ground

We've put in our time and suffered to be strong
From your safe world, you think you'll prove me wrong?

You may act like / You've earned your pride / By not in my sight
Track Name: Life's a Beach, So Keep Your Head In the Sand
Lend your life to cause, one that will suffice
Hold your head up high, you don't have a price
Pledge your heart to love, pledge your mind to truth
You stand with open arms, you're fit to be abused

We owe a set amount
Collection's coming around
Borrowed time running out
Look at what's going down

Go on, choose a future when you haven't seen the past
It's not hard to change a world that wasn't meant to last
Set your feet on land as the sea is rising up
Stand and take a breath, it won't be enough
Track Name: Spare Me
Reason rots, forced out from your thoughts
Have you just forgot? Or were you never taught?

Eyes close when you speak
Look your so proud to be spreading your newest disease
Words are your cough / Infect as you talk
Values you bend / Stigma you send / Make it all end

Shut out everything forced down on me
How blessed that you must be? To see all that I cannot see

Spare me the lines
I can make my own mind
But I don't have the time
To hear another word of your shit
Track Name: Horses
The one thing you thought that you'd never know
The dull pain, hearing “I told you so”
What in your life could prepare you for this?
Optimist / Exceptionalist / Apologist

Followed the blind as the sky grew darker
Night finally came, now we're prey to be slaughtered
Blame who you may, all pay the price

The new Word of Life's foreclosing model homes
No meaning, no relief, just hardship alone
Futures fade, old ways come back to be
Eyes shut, mind closed, never could see

High time to watch you all fall down
High time to watch it all fall down